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The Inspiration

"As sports enthusiasts and trend spotters in technology, we were fundamentally driven by research based evidence and the use of technology to predict individual sporting performances. GTT was thought of to create a unique online database that will aid the ecosystem to identify talent structurally and to use the insights gathered from data analytics to predict performance.

GTT assembled a team of data scientist, machine learning experts, sports visionaries to develop a globalised sporting intelligence with the support of Oxford University, University of Ghent, University of Groningen with over 7 years of validated research to establish a proprietary data metrics that is replicable, reliable and valid in measuring performance progress.

The Business

There is an influx of data companies in the sporting industry, from smart wearables, to big broadcast data analysis, they give data on a large scale but it is hard to find providers that provide insights from that data. GTT is a sports data intelligence company targetting a multi sport approach to establish sport specific test, algorithms to manage talent.

With quantifying and predicting talent development, we are creating the engine by marrying of technological advancements with continual research and add ons to give a holistic service to our clients. With our global network and reach, we are integrating recreational to professional development to have a unified approach in the future of talent development..

The Science

We partnered with industry experts in the sports fraternity focusing on machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analysis. The introduction of GTT Talent Creator® and GTT Talent Transfer® unlocks the potential to predict performance and talent transfer similar skills sets into other sports.

GTT is also open to co-research with specialized Universities around the globe to develop an ongoing indepth understanding on the correlations of performance indicators with maturity and change in lifestyles.

The Progress

The opportunity

We would like to welcome every sporting programms, institutions, organisations, schools, programs, anyone that breathes and lives sports in the world to enter our program. This means that we will keep you updated with news, webinars and demonstrations on where we are and what the next steps will be. We are also in development to create multi city offline to online engagements of finding and scouting for new talent. You could be the next sporting superstar! Last but not least we are open for investors to take part in this exciting new development.


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GTT is the only proven talent indicator and development tool that charts progress and gives analytical solutions for engagement and motivation. With an array of machine learning algorithms, our GTT Talent ID® is the only definitive measurement tool that is integrated to analyze both internally and internationally to help organisations, institutes, clubs, stakeholders find the next superstar.

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